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walk in showers
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A Range of Unique Bath time
Mobility Solutions

Do you struggle to get in and out of the bath?

Worried about slipping or falling?

Aquability are here to help.

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As one of the UK’s leading bathing solution experts we’ve enabled 1000’s of people just like you to continue their independent bathing life with a range of specially designed and beautifully made Walk-in Showers and Walk-in Baths. All of which can be fitted in a day* with no mess, no fuss or re-tiling and without costing you a fortune.

There comes a point for all of us when bathing suddenly demands a bit of thought. Getting in and out of your existing bath or shower requires more effort and can be a lot more difficult or even dangerous. We can't stop the physical changes that come with older, wiser years but we can preserve the enjoyment and relaxation of bathing or showering.

Over the years Aquability has enabled thousands of people across the UK to continue to enjoy their bathing independence .......four brilliantly designed and beautifully made baths, the fabulous Walk-in, sit-down shower and the new Aquashower all of which could replace your existing bath in just one day*.

We think we understand your needs better than anyone else.... so please, put our experience to the test.... one of our helpful advisors is available to discuss your individual requirements in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Please call free on 0800 316 0115 for a simple chat and completely free advice. We look forward to hearing from you. read more »

Walk In Showers

As we all age, we begin to face challenges in our everyday routines. Bathing is just one of the issues that are presented to mobility challenged people everyday. To remain independent of loved ones and in-home nursing care, sometimes specialised equipment is needed. Aquability offers bathing solutions for those in need of specialised bathing options. With its spectacular line of affordable walk in baths and showers, there isn't a need that can't be met.

Walk In Baths

Mobility challenged people are at a greater risk for falls than most other segments of population. Falls can be fatal for an elderly or disabled person living alone or with minimal assistance. With a walk in shower enclosure, walk in shower, or a walk in bath, the possibility for a fall is greatly reduced. Aquability's line of walk in shower enclosures are designed with low thresholds to enable a challenged person to safely enter and exit the walk in bath or shower with ease.

Bathing Solutions

Aquability provide an in home consultation which can help determine the type of bath or shower you need. With expertly trained engineers, Aquability can fit a new walk in shower or bath in your home with as little fuss as possible. With a straight forward fitting, the work can usually be done in a single day's time. Aquability will assist you before, during, and after the fitting is completed with an optional extended warranty and brilliant after purchase service.

Walk In Bath Solutions

Aquability's walk in showers are equipped with optional grab handles and seats, allowing the user to enter, exit and use the walk in shower safely. Walk in showers are also equipped with specialized walk in shower enclosures with etched glass doors featuring etched modesty panels upholds the bather's privacy. Walk in showers are fitted specifically to your home by engineers who are experts in special needs bathing solutions. Aquability will build your walk in shower enclosure to your needs.

Walk In Shower Solutions

Aquability is the UK's leading provider of walk in shower enclosures and special needs walk in baths. Aquability can install your walk in shower enclosure with minimal fuss and without the need for tiling.

Walk in baths and walk in showers are used worldwide in hospital setting for safety and ease of use. You can have the same bathing systems in your own home with Aquability's line of walk in showers and walk in baths. Call Aquability and discover how a new walk in shower can change your life. Remember, love bathtime with Aquability today.

Walk in baths

So why not call one of our helpful advisors and discuss your individual requirements on 0800 316 0115.

Fitted in the same space as your old bath in LESS THAN A DAY* with no mess, no fuss or re-tiling.

*Time based on straight forward fitting

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