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The Ultimate Walk In Bath

The Ulimate Shower Bath - NEW

Beautifully contoured to look fantastic the brand new Ultimate Shower Bath is the most comfortable yet.
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The Simplicity Walk In Bath

New The Simplicity - full length lie down bath

Full length Walk-in bath and shower. Walk in, lie down and have a soak or stand up and have a shower.
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The Aquabath Walk In Bath

The Aquabath

Designed to meet all your bathing needs, the new Aquabath is the ultimate in comfort and safety.
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The Mini Marvel Walk In Bath

The Mini Marvel

Packed with all the features of our larger Walk-in baths, the Mini Marvel fits where no other bath can go.
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Aquability walk-in baths and showers are beautifully designed ultimate-functionality solutions with the comfort and reliability you would expect from a leading supplier of bathing products. The wide variety of features will meet all your bathing needs and make your daily bathing routine a relaxing and pampering experience, while the high-end design will add a pleasant touch to your bathroom.

Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, we have the right solution for you: from Mini Marvel, which can fit in a bathroom the size of a box room, to Simplicity - a full-length walk-in bath. Our qualified installers will fit your new walk-in bath within a day, saving you the mess and hassle of arranging a plumbing contractor. That's right: 5-star bathing luxury within a day!

Whatever your physical condition, bathing should not be a challenge. Talk to us about your bathing requirements today!

Fitted in the same space as your old bath in LESS THAN A DAY*
with no mess, no fuss or re-tiling.

*Time based on straight forward fitting

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