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Is it a good idea to take a walk-in bath?

Many of you may have added a bathroom refit to your to-do list for 2023, so hopefully our blog series will help give you the advice and help you need. This month we’re looking at walk-in baths. Read on for a guide to walk-in baths and finding the right bathing solution for you and your … Read more

Walk-In Baths: Enhancing Elderly Safety and Comfort

As the UK’s population ages gracefully, the need for safe and comfortable bathroom solutions becomes increasingly crucial. Among these solutions, walk-in baths have emerged as a game-changer, especially for the elderly. This article delves into the myriad advantages of walk-in baths, illuminating why they are not just a luxury but a necessity for senior citizens. … Read more

Walk-in baths – installation

Walk-in baths - installations

Installing a walk-in bath can significantly enhance the accessibility and safety of your bathroom, especially for individuals with mobility challenges. Aquability have installed over 50,000 walk-in baths or showers over the past 30 years allowing our many happy customers to remain in their own homes and retain their bathing independence Professional installers We prioritise customer … Read more

Is there a shower that is also a bath?

The Ultimate Shower Bath

Shower-bath combo At Aquability, we know that each of our customers is unique. We get a lot of enquiries about the types of bathroom fixtures we can supply and how they can meet our customers’ specific needs. Every one of our customers is remodelling their bathroom for a variety of reasons and we work with … Read more

Walk-in showers – get a new look

Walk-in showers are making a big impression in bathroom remodelling. With a low threshold and a choice of sliding glass or PETG opening doors, a walk-in shower is a stylish and sleek addition to any bathroom. With its hygienic easy clean wall panels, a walk-in shower is easily maintained with no more mouldy tiles to … Read more

Arthritis – does a hot shower help?

Arthritis is a common condition which causes pain and inflammation in a joint. People of all ages can experience this pain and stiffness. Unfortunately there is no cure but there are a number of effective treatments that can offer some relief from this debilitating condition. Lifestyle changes are most effective in helping with pain management … Read more