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FAQs – what people ask us the most

Deciding to remodel your bathroom raises a lot of questions about needs, possibilities and cost. This is natural and it’s important to find the right answers to all your questions to give you peace of mind.

We get a lot of queries from our customers so we’ve collated them together to help you decide your next steps.

And of course, if you’ve got more questions that aren’t covered below, we’d be happy to answer them for you. Just call or email.

Questions on Walk-in baths and showers

Q. Will your walk-in baths and showers fit into small bathrooms?
A. Yes. If you have an existing bath or shower space, our range of walk-in baths and showers come in all shapes and sizes that usually will fit in your bathroom.

Q. Can we replace our old bath with a shower module?
A. Most certainly. Putting a walk-in shower in the old bath space will give you a most spacious and luxurious new bathing option.

Q. Will I have to redecorate the whole bathroom?
A. Not necessarily. We can fit the new shower or walk-in bath in the space of the old one to limit the need for redecoration. We are also able to colour match to your existing suite.

FAQs – what people ask us the most

Ordering, costs and guarantee queries

Q. How much will it cost?
A. This depends on what you choose. Every bathroom is different and we have to take into consideration everything from layout to drainage and electrics to any new bathroom furniture. But rest assured, you will know all the costs upfront with no hidden charges or add ons.

Q. How long will it take once I place an order?
A. We build our showers and baths to order so normally around 6 to 10 weeks from order to installation.

Q. Can I visit your showroom?
A. To keep our prices to a minimum we don’t have costly showrooms and staff overheads but we do bring samples of our products and images to you when we visit. No showroom also means you don’t have to travel, we come to you.

Q. How long is your product guarantee?
A. All our products come with a comprehensive 12 month parts and labour warranty. We also offer a full parts and labour extended warranty with our Total Care Service Plan.


Q. How long does it take to install?
A. We can usually install your new shower or bath in one day. Our engineers will tidy up too (and will even take away your old tub).

Q. Do you use your own installers?
A. Yes. All our installers are trained to the highest standards and know our products inside out.

Q. Can I install it myself?
A. Unfortunately not. Our products are of a specialist, bespoke design which our trained engineers are best qualified to install. It would also invalidate any warranty if it was installed by anyone else.

FAQs – what people ask us the most? - Installation

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FAQs – what people ask us the most? At Aquability, we want to give you the best service possible and make sure you’ve got all the answers to your queries. We’d love to hear from you so call us for a friendly, no obligation chat on our freephone: 0800 316 0115 or email us at

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