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Is there a shower that is also a bath?

Shower-bath combo

At Aquability, we know that each of our customers is unique. We get a lot of enquiries about the types of bathroom fixtures we can supply and how they can meet our customers’ specific needs. Every one of our customers is remodelling their bathroom for a variety of reasons and we work with them to find the perfect solution for their space.

A question that frequently comes up is whether there is a shower that is also a bath, the answer is yes.

As homeowners strive to maximise their available space and enjoy safe bathing while not reducing their comfort, this innovative fixture offers a practical solution.

What’s a shower-bath combo

In the realm of bathroom fixtures, the shower and the bath have long been considered separate entities, each serving its unique purpose. However, recent innovations have introduced a game-changer: the shower-bath combo.

Blending the best of both worlds, this hybrid fixture offers the space and convenience of a shower with the relaxation of a bath in a single unit. Additionally, these shower-bath combos provide easy access for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring a safe and enjoyable bathing experience.

Advantages of shower-baths

Space-saving bathing

For those who have limited bathroom space, the shower-bath combo is perfect. By combining the two features into one it makes the most of the available area leaving you more room to move around. It also means you don’t need to choose between the efficiency of a shower or the luxury of a bath.

Time and water efficiency

With a shower-bath combo, individuals can choose the water and time saving option of a shower for their daily routine while still indulging in a luxurious soak when desired. So if you are considering an enclosed shower or a bath with a shower screen the shower-bath combo could be the perfect answer for you. 

Shower-bath combos come in various designs to suit different preferences. Whether you prefer a built-in unit or a freestanding tub with a showerhead above, the design possibilities give you the option to customise your bathroom according to your style and needs.

Aquability shower-bath combos

The Ultimate

The Ultimate walk-in shower bath is an elegant answer to all of your bathing needs.

Beautifully contoured to look stylish the Ultimate is the most versatile bath in our range. Designed for safety and ease of use with a very low threshold, easy open door, optional powered seat and extra roomy shower area, the Ultimate allows you to bathe in safety and comfort.

The Ultimate mobility walk-in shower bath

The Aquabath

The Aquabath walk-in bath is designed for space and comfort to give you the most relaxing bath possible – and it comes with an optional shower canopy that converts it to a bath with shower. Specially contoured inside to give you a larger, deeper bathing area, the Aquabath lets you shower while sitting down.

Walk in baths - Aquabath

The best of both worlds

Shower-bath combos have become increasingly popular in the UK, thanks to their space-saving features, accessibility options and customisable designs. If you find yourself torn between the invigorating rush of a shower and the serene relaxation of a bath, why not consider the shower-bath combo for the best of both worlds.

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