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  • Ultimate walk-in bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Ultimate Walk-In Shower Bath
    Stylish bathing

    Designed for safety and ease of use, the Ultimate has a low threshold, easy open door, optional powered seat and extra roomy glass shower area that looks great.

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  • Aquabath Walk-in Bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Complete comfort and safety

    Contoured for space to provide a larger bathing area giving a deeper, more satisfying bath while making the seating position the most relaxing yet.

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  • Simplicity Walk-In Bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Full length, lie down bath

    A normal size bath that allows you to lie down for a full length soak or stand up and take a refreshing shower. Suitable for the whole family.

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  • Mini Marvel - Walk in Bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Mini Marvel
    For limited space

    With the choice of three seat heights and low level entry, the Mini Marvel is specially designed for those with bathing difficulties and limited space.

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What you need to consider before buying a walk in bath near Berkshire

Taking the challenge out of bathing

Walk in baths are hugely popular in the medical community. It’s the ideal bath for people with mobility challenges and a key part of home remodeling for seniors. However, the walk in bath trend is becoming more popular among the general population. The promise of convenience, luxury, comfort, and extra safety appears too good to pass on. Whether you’re buying a walk in bath for the therapeutic benefits or you’re purchasing it as a luxury item, here are some factors you should consider before deciding to remodel.

Type of walk in bath

There is a wide variety of walk-in tubs on sale and the best type for you would depend on your needs and preferences. Generally, walk-in tubs can be grouped into:

Soakers vs therapeutic: Soakers refer to the regular tubs while therapeutic tubs include hydrotherapy, chemotherapy, aerotherapy, and aromatherapy tubs. If you’re considering a therapeutic tub, you should consult a professional to know which would be best for you.

Standard tubs vs bariatric: Bariatric tubs are designed to accommodate persons weighing more than 300 pounds.

Step-in vs wheelchair accessible: Step-in tubs still have a threshold although it’s much lower than that of regular tubs.


Walk-in baths can come in various shapes and sizes although most of the common ones on sale are designed to replace conventional bathtubs. Thus, they have approximately the same dimensions as standard bathtubs. However, you can still opt for wider or shorter models depending on your needs and taste.


When buying a walk in bath, the quality should be a major consideration. You can read through walk-in bath reviews of common models to know about the experience of previous users. Furthermore, there should be warranties on the door, the operating system, and the tub itself. If all these are in place alongside a lifetime leak-proof, you should be good to go. Aquability promises the best-quality walk-in tubs that come with all the necessary warranties.

Door options

Common walk in baths have inward opening doors. These doors have the advantage of requiring lesser space. However, people on wheelchairs may find it difficult to enter a bathroom with this type of door. Outward opening doors, although easier to enter and exit take up more bathroom space.

Fast fill and drain

A major disadvantage of walk in baths is that the user has to sit in while the tub fills or drains. To minimize the discomfort, some baths have fast-fill and drain technology with some promising it only takes a few minutes to fill a 70-gallon tub. Although a lot would still depend on the plumbing in your home, some tubs could be very slow to fill. Thus, you should consider what users say about the fill time before buying. You can always trust our walk in baths at Aquability to fill and drain within a short time.

When buying a walk in bath, it’s best to have professionals handle the installation. At Aquability, we have fully trained installers that would install the most beautiful and functional walk in baths within a day, with no mess and no fuss*.

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