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  • Ultimate walk-in bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Ultimate Walk-In Shower Bath
    Stylish bathing

    Designed for safety and ease of use, the Ultimate has a low threshold, easy open door, optional powered seat and extra roomy glass shower area that looks great.

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  • Aquabath Walk-in Bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Complete comfort and safety

    Contoured for space to provide a larger bathing area giving a deeper, more satisfying bath while making the seating position the most relaxing yet.

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  • Simplicity Walk-In Bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Full length, lie down bath

    A normal size bath that allows you to lie down for a full length soak or stand up and take a refreshing shower. Suitable for the whole family.

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  • Mini Marvel - Walk in Bath
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Mini Marvel
    For limited space

    With the choice of three seat heights and low level entry, the Mini Marvel is specially designed for those with bathing difficulties and limited space.

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Things to consider before buying a walk-in bath

Taking the challenge out of bathing

Walk-in baths are popular tub options currently. They offer their users much more than the default cleaning.

For starters, walk-in tubs are safe, much more than traditional tubs. You’d hardly fall off or slip over while in a bath.

More importantly, walk-in baths improve users’ overall health. They enhance stress relief and blood circulation.

Great, let’s go get ourselves one. Wait! There are a few things you should note when getting a walk-in bath.

5 vital factors to note when getting a walk-in bath

1. Quality

This is the most crucial factor of all. Regardless of the size and type, a low-quality walk-in tub will only bring you frustration.

Hence, endeavour to read reviews about the model of your choice. Besides, you should check to see that there is a valid warranty that your walk-in tub.

More importantly, buy from reliable vendors like us.

2. Type

There are usually several types of walk-in baths one can choose from. They are majorly into three categories, namely:

  • Soakers against therapeutic: you either go for the regular walk-in tub (soaker) or a therapeutic tub. The therapeutic tubs are further divided into aromatherapy, chemotherapy, and hydrotherapy tubs.
  • Standard against bariatric: the standard tub typically accommodates one person, whereas the bariatric tub can hold as many persons that weigh 300 pounds.
  • Step-in against wheelchair accessible: depending on the users’ physical condition and mobility need, one can decide to take the step-in or the wheelchair accessible.

3. Size

Walk-ins usually maintain the same dimensions as conventional tubs. Nevertheless, you can always decide if you want yours to be small or large.

Luckily, there are usually a lot of dimensions to pick from. In the end, you call the shots; decide on what size is best for you.

4. Door options

Walk-in tubs’ doors are generally of two forms: inward-opening and outward-opening doors. By default, most walk-in tubs have inward openings.

Yes, inward-opening doors are good because they help users to save their bathroom space. Contritely, people on wheelchairs won’t find it easy handling those kinds of doors.

In that case, they (people on wheelchairs) can get walk-in tubs with outward-opening doors. It will be comfortable for them.

The downside to outward-opening doors is that they occupy a large chunk of their bathroom space.

5. Mode of filling/draining of water

This factor is just as important as the quality of the tub. Most walk-in tubs require users to sit in the tub while it fills or drains.

Put simply; you can’t fill the tub standing outside it. At the same time, you can’t exit the tub until it drains completely. Frankly, that can be uncomfortable.

What can you do?

The way out is to get a walk-in tub that fills and drains very fast. Fortunately, there are models with 1min-to-70gallon tub fill/drain power.

In all, walk-in bathtubs provide safe and healthy bathing conditions. They will always be a great addition to your bathing items.

Lastly, on the issue of low-quality, it is best that you consider a professional. We don’t deal with inferior walk-in baths.

Besides, we provide detailed and honest reviews that will guide you on picking the best walk-in tub that meets all your needs.

When buying a walk in bath, it’s best to have professionals handle the installation. At Aquability, we have fully trained installers that would install the most beautiful and functional walk in baths within a day, with no mess and no fuss*.

To discuss your individual requirements and for a no-obligation quote:

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Why choose our walk-in baths?

  • Usually fitted in a day*
  • Can be colour matched to your existing suite
  • Optional power seat available on some baths
  • Luxurious Spa option available
  • Fits in the same space as your old bath
  • Made in the UK
  • Exclusive to Aquability

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