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  • Aqua Comfort, Walk-in Shower
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Aqua Comfort
    Easy access, seated shower

    Full width glass door, built-in extra wide seat and modular, tile-effect panels make the Aqua Comfort a truly luxurious answer to any bathing difficulties.

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  • Aquashower Walk-in Shower
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    The Aquashower
    Low access, easy entry

    Chic, contemporary and discreet, the Aquashower has been cleverly designed so that no-one would ever know that you had any bathing difficulties.

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  • Walk in Shower with Easy Access
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    Easy Access Shower
    Shower splendour

    The Easy Access Shower’s sliding glass door and matching side panel makes access simple and easy. It will fit in the same space as your old bath.

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  • All in One Walk-in Shower
    SALE Up to 20% OFF Walk-in
    All-in-One shower
    Walk in, sit down

    Walk-in, stand up or sit down, the choice is yours with the amazing Aquability walk-in shower module. Usually fitted in a day with no mess, no fuss.

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Exclusive to Aquability

Reasons to choose a walk in shower

Walk-in showers for easy bathing

A walk-in shower is a waterproof shower area, has no hinge doors, and as the name implies, you can walk straight into it.

If you’re looking to build a home or remodel your bathroom, a walk-in shower is an essential design you should consider for a modern, ultra-stylish look.

Apart from the design and value, which is enough reason to buy it, walk-in showers are very comfortable and easily accessible. They are an excellent investment for people with mobility problems or people who just want comfort.

Here Are Some Reasons You Should Consider Getting A Walk-in Shower

1. They Save Space

A walk-in bath is a perfect tub if you want more space in your bathroom or want an illusion of a large space. Traditional baths are bulky and usually take more than half of the space in your bathroom. A walk-in bath takes up little space and allows you to create something beautiful with the rest of your bathroom.

2. Convenience

Walk-in baths are perfect for people with mobility problems --elderly, kids, or people on wheelchairs. As the name suggests, you just walk in, no need for pushing, pulling, climbing. The walk-in bath is also slip-resistant, thus prevents slips and falls in the bathrooms.

3. Maintenance

Walk-in showers are usually made with tiles, thus are easy to clean and maintain.

Also, walk-in showers are generally made with less hardware and require minimal cleaning. Its glass panel comes with easy-to-clean tempered glass, and you don’t have to spend time cleaning hinges or door handles.

4. Durability

It’s recommended to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your home design. You don’t want to spend money on something only to have it replaced after a while because it broke down.

Walk-in showers are highly durable. They do not have doors or many fittings that may wear down after repeated use. A walk-in shower is also a great investment as it will add value to your house in case you want to sell it one day.

5. Design Options

Walk-in showers have a stylish, elegant, and minimalist design. It will give your home that beautiful look, and you also have the chance to customize the design you want. Rather than restructuring your bathroom to fit a bath like in the case of a traditional tub, a walk-in bath can be sized to fit whatever shape or design you desire.

6. Shorter installation time

Under normal circumstances, a walk in shower can be installed within a working day. This bathroom design concept usually employs a liner drain and consequently needs a single slope. Traditional bathroom designs, on the other hand, have center drains. Center drains must be sloped in four directions if they are to work effectively.

Building a new home? Let’s help you! At our company, we have a variety of walk-in shower designs and shapes you can choose from. Our products are of high quality, and no matter what your taste is or your needs are, there is something for you here! Contact us today; let’s discuss your requirements.

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Why choose our showers?

  • Easy clean tile effect - no re-tiling or mouldy grout
  • Built-in shelving
  • Low access thresholds
  • Half or full height doors
  • Usually fitted in just one day*
  • Fits in the same space as your old bath
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Optional seat and grab rail
  • Exclusive to Aquability

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